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Novylen is a great locale for the sheep watching afficionado. We have every colour of sheep imaginable, and often they are neked. Sheep smacking has fallen off in recent months, but occassionally pro-smackers can still be seen plying their trade in the rolling hills.

Recommended sheep viewing areas include Modtopia, City of Moderation, where many building plots still lie fallow, providing large pasture for sheep to roam freely.

For the handicrafter, sheep shearing can be done plein air, with a simple to fashion set of iron shears.

Pachua's Super Sub!

Submarines come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the best subs Novylen has is Pach's Super Sub!

Simply /dial vesper to find yourself in an ocean paradise, walking distance from fishbowl!

The Cathedral

When you say Cathedral on the Novylen server, only one place comes to mind. That place is the Novylen Cathedral. You can see a picture of the cathedral on the Novylen website ( To see this outstanding piece of architecture, /dial empirerose!

Olympus' Temple

If it has pillars, Amix built it. This general rule was established shortly after the construction of the Olympus Temple. To see this piece of Greek art, /dial olympus!

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