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Plugin Description Commands Server-specific comments
MyHome Implements player "home"s /home, /home set, /home public, /home <player>
Runecraft Adds "runes" that you can construct to do things in-game. See wiki. Disabled Chrono Trigger, Power Pick, Power Shovel, Faith, Solar Flare, Pyrokinesis, Surface Tension, Embedder
NormalizedDrops Nerfs monster grinders by limiting spawns and drops.
LogBlock, LogBlockQuestioner Records all chest accesses and block placements. /lb help Block records expire after three weeks. All users have history access, moderators have limited rollback access.
SimpleReserve Allows groups access to the server when full. Applies to members+.
NoCheat Prevents certain forms of cheating.
Achievements and Stats Implements player achievements and statistics. /ach, /stats See online stats page, and a list of achievements.
AutoMessage Randomized tips.
MotherNature Weather control.
Spout Experimental plugin to interface with the Minecraft client Spout addon. Would eventually allow custom blocks and client events.
MyWarp MyWarp adds warp points /warp help Members+ can warp, mods+ can create warps. Somewhat deprecated since stargates.
Multicast Channel for moderators to speak privately. /o, /a
AutoHelp Adds help functionality to addons without builtin help.
PumpkinDiver Lets players use pumpkins to dive in water for long periods.
iConomy Adds money.
LyTreeHelper Lets you 'chop' down trees by disconnecting them from the ground. Prevents floaty UFO trees everywhere.
MultiInv Allows me to restrict inventories to worlds.
ecoCreature Modifies creature drops, adds a coin reward for killing creatures.
LogOres Advanced xray hack detection and analysis.
DelayedStop Server stop/restart addon.
CraftBook Bridges, vehicles, redstone circuitry, books.
CraftIRC Minecraft - IRC gateway.
General General commands.
BananaChunk Forces chunk reloads on teleport.
WorldBorder Adds a border to the world. -20k .. 20k.
PlugMan Plugin management.
SimpleReserve Reserve slots for members.
PetitionPlugin Petition/ticket system. /pe help
Help Adds to Help plugin.
CraftBukkitUpToDate Updates plugins, notifies when new plugins are available.
properTime Enforces a time schedule in the face of lag. Day/night cycle set to approximately double normal length.
MapMarkers Sets player markers on the Overview server map.
Permissions Permissions.
WorldGuard Guards the world. Protection zones.
SimpleSignEdit Lets you edit a sign by clicking on it with a sign.
Growbie Lets you use bonemeal to grow a lot of stuff. Flowers, pumpkins, grass.
WorldEdit Advanced in-game world editing.
iChat Chat colours.
LWC Chest protection. /lwc Automatically activated for new chests.
WormholeXTreme Stargate travel.
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