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  • unicorn
    • zero-permission rank. No chat, stargates, warping, homes, or world modification permissions.
  • default
    • Everyone starts here.
  • regular
    • Regular players.
  • member
    • donators.
  • admin
  • steward
    • steward is for world admins, like doozie and drag; a steward is given responsibility to care for a map and has some admin access.
  • modchat
    • is for non-mods who get mod chat; this is for social purposes only. Most often given to ex-mods or people whose input we want. Sometimes given temporarily.
  • cheatexempt
    • is for those few people that we know aren't cheaters and have connection problems that cause false positives.
  • perma
    • People who have donated for a permanent membership. Entirely created to give players a 'hat' of a different colour.

Useful Commands


  • /pex promote <player> - promotes from default to regular
  • /pex demote <player> - demotes from regular to default.
  • Unicorn Rank! - demote all the way down, and you get a pink unicorn who can't build or use commands. Good for trolls etc. Then /warp unicorn and deposit them on unicorn island!


  • /kit modtools = gives all you need to succeed!
  • Wooden Sword = Right click to check regions
  • Wooden Axe = Left and Right click to assign positions
  • Adminium block = place or strike to check block log for that block (does not add an entry).


Allows you to open and modify the inventory of any player. This is a dangerous tool, please use only as necessary.

  • /openinv player

Also be aware that items have gone missing when transferred from the moderator's inventory to a player's.

For a fun time, try placing random items in the bottom left space of a player's inventory. Yes, this does not fit into the above warning to only use as necessary, unless you consider getting a giggle a crucial part of your day.


  • /pe : lists petition commands.
  • /pe list: list open petitions.
  • /pe new blahblah: create a new petition, "blahblah".
  • /pe assign pe id# name: assigns a ticket to a specific person, or just admin.
  • /pe log pe id# "blahblah": adds a comment to an existing ticket.
  • /pe close pe id# text: closes a petition with the string 'text'.


  • /wxremove <GATE NAME> = Removes stargates
  • /wxforce -all = Resets stargates left active by forgetful folks


  • /vanish or /v: makes you invisible to players.
  • You cannot interact with the world while vanished. No item pickups, no mob kills, no door/button/lever, but no damage taken either, and mobs will ignore you. Does not travel cross world. No vanish available in minigames.


  • /mute <NAME> = Toggles mute on the player
  • /kick <NAME> = Simplest weapon against asshats
  • /home <NAME> = As mods we can go to anyone's home, very useful.
  • /tp <NAME> = teleport
  • /tphere <NAME> = teleports them to you
  • /tempban <NAME> <M:time(minute) OR H(hour) OR D(day)> = Temporary ban eg: /tempban poopy d:1 or h:24 for a 1 day ban
  • /ban <NAME> <REASON>
    • eg: /ban badplayer griefer, ticket 1111 (open a petition at the location of griefing)
    • eg: /ban badplayer being an awful human being but not a griefer
  • In case of a player hell-bent on causing mayhem, but you want to investigate further, a useful jail is in place at /warp spider or /warp twsheart. Simply /tphere into it and close the door.

World Edit

  • BE CAREFUL WITH THESE. We recommend that you practice a bit to get a feel for how this works. It is very easy to accidentally create big chunks of hovering water, which could cause server lag issues. Especially be wary of things that change lighting, because Minecraft uses a lot of CPU to recalculate lighting. Lava is the worst offender, but water can cause problems when done high up over an area. Generally, only use this tool to fill whirlpools, or help players build underwater. Be aware that //fixwater and //fixlava ONLY do one single layer, and so don't fill underneath things, so they are inappropriate for eg re-filling a lake with a building in it.
  • /fixlava <RADIUS> = Fixes lava
  • /fixwater <RADIUS> = Fixes water
  • //drain <RADIUS> = Removes water
  • /undo = Maybe fixes booboos


  • Lookups: /pr near r:X, where X is the radius
  • Lookup stick: /pr i
  • Always use preview mode to roll back!
  • Some examples:


  • /region flag <ID> blocked-cmds /home,/spawn,/etc = Used to block commands
  • /region select <ID> = Used to select a region, can then be //expand(ed) or //contract(ed) and then /region redefine(ed) <ID>
  • /region setparent <CHILD ID> <PARENT ID> = Will allow owner/member of child region to build without giving them access to the larger surrounding parent region. Applies all flags and permissions of parent region to child.
  • /region info <ID> =Gives info on region
  • /region delete <ID> = Deletes said region
  • /region define <ID> <OWNER NAME> = Creates a region
  • //expand <AMOUNT> <(optional qualifier n OR s OR e OR w OR u(up) OR d(down)or in the direction you are facing)>= can be done at time of region creation, or to include newly built areas that have escaped the protection area.
  • //contract <AMOUNT> <(optional qualifier n OR s OR e OR w OR u(up) OR d(down)or in the OPPOSITE direction you are facing)>= can be done to draw the border of a region inwards.
  • //outset <AMOUNT> increases the selected area on all sides including vertically


  • /warp create <NAME> = Create a warp
  • /warp delete <NAME> = Delete a warp
  • /warp search <keyword> = Useful for finding lost warps
  • /warp private <NAME> and /warp invite <Player> <NAME> = allows only the players invited and mod+ to use the warp.


  • /cremove - remove protection
  • /lwc admin forceowner player - force owner of chest to player (names are caps sensitive)
    • Does not work with unprotected chests, as they have no database entry. Lock it yourself first.

Making Rental Regions

-currently not operational


  • create region as small as 1 block, and /setparent to the larger surrounding region : must have a parent region
  • place a sign near the rental region, not in it, and type:
     <region name>
     <price and duration> eg: 20:7d = 20pence for 7days rental

Players should be responsible for making their own hotel signs, as mods it's enough work just making all those tiny regions


What Constitutes Griefing?

An excerpt from our code of conduct:

- (We) define "griefing" as "intentionally ruining someone else's play experience", and includes things like spamming lava or water over structures, vandalizing structures to make people angry at you, or wholesale destruction without clear purpose.

Other things like setting your home in lava and then inviting everyone in to die, pushing afk players into death traps, breaking and entering homes, etc, are considered unsporting and may result in a griefing ban.

Region Protection Guidelines

There's no limit on number of regions a player can have, as long as they are using the space. If protecting a building, try to give a buffer area around. Use your own judgement for land claims, considering how much you think the player will actually use. 100x100 is a pretty big area, anything this big we prefer to ensure the player is actually using it before handing it out. We can always start smaller and expand as needed.


  • /ban player <reason> or /ban player <reason+ticket#>

-if there is any physical evidence, make a petition at the location listing the item/damage, and include the pe#

Ways to get banned:

  • Griefing, (Destroying items/blocks NOT owned by the user)
  • Causing harm to the server
  • Hacking (Exploits) - be specific
  • X-Ray Modifications (Texture packs or otherwise)
  • Racism/Homophobia/Sexism etc.
  • Nazi Symbols


  • Spam, Threats and Advertising.
  • Using an account to circumvent a ban, or being an alt of a banned account.
  • Impersonation of McBans, Planet Minecraft or other authority figures .
  • Theft that does not fall under the griefing banner.
  • Exploitation of duplicating bugs.
  • Harrassment of others, in chat or otherwise.
  • Being a troll or other massive waste of moderator or admin time.

"Abusive or derogatory language is not acceptable. Swearing can be okay, up to a certain point, past which it is not okay. At the judgement of a moderator, you can be muted or banned for behaviour that would get your ass kicked or thrown in jail IRL."

Mute or Kick?

  • /mute <player>

Generally we use mute to shut off whining or repeated questioning that is not followed by the person actually listening to the answers. The player must be online for us to unmute them.

  • /kick <player> reason

Kicking is a good way to interrupt bad behaviour such as spamming or excessive use of caps. It is also a good light smack for kids who are acting up. Often a swift kick with a clear reason listed will correct a multitude of faults.

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