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Can I have ops/creative?

No, but we do have a creative world.

How do I see who is online?


How do I set a home?

Sleep in a bed.

How do I use a stargate?

Click the lever, then type "/dial GATENAME"

Is LAAAAGGG!!! the appropriate was to let us know you're experiencing lag?

Absolutely not, it does nothing but frustrates the higher ups. Every server is plagued with issues from time to time, and the best was to handle it is to politely state the issue. (Block lag? Warping Lag? Loading Lag?) Try /tps to see if maybe it is YOU who lags.

Can I have free stuff?

No. Unless you can type, then do /kit.

Is it okay to be racist, sexist, or any other kind of bigot on the server?

Of course not, this server abides by the same rules as polite company.

What are your policies on language / age inappropriate content?

It's very circumstantial, in the proper context some language is tolerated, but language for languages sake will not be tolerated.

Is there a way to get to my favorite destinations besides setting my home there?

As luck would have it, yes! We are running wormhole, which means you can create your very own stargate. Simply copy the design of one (there's one at spawn). To activate it, click the lever and type /wxcomplete <GATE NAME>.

Who runs this server?

Rbos, Zaneo, and Jacksowhat. Mostly Rbos.

Do the admins like to be bothered by everyone when he signs on?

No, They have been running a server for longer than most of us have played the game. Trust me, if they want to talk to you/join your city, they'll let you know.

What is the correct way to get land protected (or in rare cases world edits)?

By filing a /pe at the location of the incident and with all the details needed for its completion. Remember, those in charge of reading these /pe's will simply delete them if they do not explain the problem specifically. (In the case of land protection, mark out corners)

How do I get a different colour rank?

See Ranks page. See Donating page.

I only speak english, can I yell at people who speak a foreign language because I don't understand it?

No. Read the question about being a bigot..

Will Amixalot punish the souls of those who do not follow the rules of the server?


Is Cyrus as great as he says?

Cyrus is a special winged rainbow creature. We should all treasure him.

If I go on a hike and am forced to drink unfiltered/untreated water, will I have the most painful diarrhea I've ever experienced?

Yes. Giardia Lamblia is a bitch.

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