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This town was founded on the first day of dragslayar's arrival, by the rails, at first it had no name and was just a small cobble building, which can still be seen today, however its now covered in moss, as it was really that old.

Soon construction started on a large tower, soon this tower would be covered in lava and soon after named The Lava Boob by Sir Amixalot.
After not too long drag's friends joined the server and helped construction with the city, and soon it had paths and fences, and another tower.
But it was when dragslayar was offline and his friends got protection for it, that it was named Dragopolis.

And from there it progressed, creating more of the city on the other side of the rails as well, and creating a hotel embedded into the flat face mountain.
Town Info
Founder(s): dragslayar
Date: January/February 2011
Stargate: Dragopolis
Coordinates: x = -3055 z = -1890
Runecraft: none
Residents: N/A
Landmarks and Activites
Landmarks: The amply named "Lava Boob"

Hotel Dé Drag

The Death-coaster
Activities: The Death-coaster (in no way will the roller coaster inflict death, or death symptoms)
All of the lights lining the streets and walkways can be switched on and off via the control building located near the entrance to the city. All of the mastery Redstone wiring was done by dragslayar himself.
  • Runecraft code: Glass, Wooden Plank, Glass, Wooden Plank (from north going clockwise)
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