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Code of Conduct

When playing on the server, you are expected to maintain a certain standard of behaviour. Excessive examples of the following will earn you a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity of the offence.

1) Griefing is not allowed. I define “griefing” as “intentionally ruining someone else’s play experience”, and includes things like spamming lava or water over structures, vandalizing structures to make people angry at you, or wholesale destruction without clear purpose.

2) Theft is not allowed. Chests can be locked, but an unlocked chest is not an invitation to looting. Items dropped on death should be returned to the owner if possible. In general, admins will NOT replace your items if they are stolen, so protect them as best you can.

3) You are not allowed to use any item you did not gather yourself or acquire legitimately from another person. Duplicating items, in particular, is a bannable offence. Accidentally-duplicated items, due to server bugs, are unavoidable, but to be safe, should be destroyed.

4) If a player has fenced off (in some manner) and marked an area with signs around the perimeter saying “No Trespassing” or “Do Not Enter”, please respect their wishes. Mods are authorized to immediately teleport offenders out of the area, and issue temporary or permanent bans if it happens again.

Moderators and admins may go anywhere they please in the execution of their duties, which includes random spot checks.

5) Leave things tidy. If you make a mess, be sure to clean it up. Holes in walls should be patched, craters in landscapes should be sculpted to look natural, pillars should be removed. If you remove a tree, remove ALL of the tree or plant a new one underneath with a torch so that it grows into the old one.

6) If possible, ask permission from your neighbour or from the owner of the area before building close (~20m) to other constructions. If you can’t ask permission, don’t build close to it.

For instance, building in a town usually requires getting a lot assigned to you or approved by the town mayor/owner.

7) Abusive or derogatory language is not acceptable. Swearing can be okay, up to a certain point, past which it is not okay. At the judgment of a moderator, you can be muted or banned for behaviour that would get your ass kicked or thrown in jail IRL. You are an adult until you prove otherwise by your behaviour, at which point you will be treated like a child."

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